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All replacement parts are found at the bottom of each products page.
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Water filtration – Water Solutions – complete filtration systems, service, installation. 

Water Solutions, your source for quality residential and commercial water filtration systems, service and installation. We can bring to you the purest, cleanest water. Our comprehensive and professional suite of services will help you to determine if you have any contaminates in your water, tell you what impurities do exist and give you options on which products will best suit your needs.

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At Water Solutions we understand that selecting the appropriate filter or system for your home or business can be a confusing task. To help you pick out the best solution for your specific situation, we offer free telephone and e-mail support questions and answers. Additionally, we have available on our website a comprehensive index of frequently asked questions, technical specifications and a glossary of water filtration terms and definitions. Thank you for browsing through our website.more...

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Water filtration – Water Solutions – why filter?
Well the simple answer is that water quality is not getting any better. According to the Water Quality Association, water is an extremely solvent substance that is easily contaminated by everything it touches. In more than a third of the United States, mineral deposits create "hard water" that may turn laundry gray, leave soap scum on bathroom tile and produce soap residue that irritates the family's skin. Other minerals create red, brown, green and black staining and "rotten egg" odors in drinking water. City water purification does not seem to completely solve the problem either and many cities chlorinate drinking water only to kill bacteria.

Water filtration – Water Solutions – which filter?
Deciding on which water filtration system will best fit your needs depends on how you want to filter your water, for example, at your faucets or at point of entry into your home or business. Do you need a filter at one or two faucets, or for your whole house?

Then comes the next question – do you require a softening system? Please feel free to look at our catalogue of products to help you make your decision. If you are still undecided, please look at our comprehensive index of frequently asked questions, our technical specifications, glossary of terms and definitions or alternatively call our toll free number or look at contact us via e-mail support.

Once you have decided about which system you would like to purchase, Water Solutions is proud to offer professional installation services in addition to the sales and service of our filtration products. If you are looking for service or support within the North or Central Florida area, contact us to arrange a consultation. If you are not located in the North or Central Florida region, we can assist you in locating a qualified installer, plumber or service person. We also offer ‘do it yourself’ information for those who wish to install their Water Solutions filtration system by themselves.


Water filtration – Water Solutions – about us
Since 1996, Water Solutions has supplied homes and businesses with products and service that is exceptional.

We began our business representing Eagle Spring. Based in Florida, they featured filters that boasted a 3-year pro-rata warrantee! No one else came close to offering such a product for filtering chlorine, heavy metals such as lead, organic and inorganic contaminants from the water.

Sediment in the well systems plagues many households and farmers. Sand can plug up aerators, toilet valves, sprinkler heads, geo-thermal solenoids and be an overall nuisance. The popular solution was a backwashing filter which was large, heavy and expensive. Rusco has created a unique spin-down filter that utilizes cyclonic separation to economically solve this problem.

Rainshow'r offers shower filters with replaceable cartridges that last about a year. Two optional filters with shower heads are available. They produce a shower riser pipe that raises the shower head 5 to 6 inches higher! They also have filters for the bathtub and the garden hose.

Durastill manufactures stainless steel water distillers. One of my customers had one and when I saw how ruggedly it was built and how well it performed, I picked up their line.

We will continue to look for more quality products and vendors to serve your needs.

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Feb 3rd 2009

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