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All replacement parts are found at the bottom of each products page.
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Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper Filters


Choose between Spin-Down or Sediment Trapper.

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Introducing a totally new style of sediment filter.

RUSCO water filter separation devices are known throughout the world as the best in their class.

Mr. Russ Welte upon finding a need for an alternative to the standard throw-away type filters, designed and refined his separation filters to meet a need that the industry was not providing.

The benefit of the Spin-Down filter is its ability to be cleaned and reused. The unique tornado effect created by the patented process is unique to see in action.

The previous solutions were either high in maintenance or high in price. The RUSCO Sediment Trapper Filters and Spin-Down Sediment Filters are economically priced, provide a high flow capacity, are easily flushed, provide tool-free access for cleaning and are equipped with a reusable filter screen.

ThClick here to view a larger remarkable product is designed to remove shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, course sand, fine sand, grit from new wells, very fine sand and grit. There are 13 mesh sizes available to tackle your sediment problems.


Both the RUSCO Spin-Down Sediment Filter and the RUSCO Sediment Trapper utilize centrifugal force to separate the sediment from the water. The sediment then "Spins Down" out of the stream of the water. The valve at the bottom allows for the manual discharge of the sediment. During the operation of the filter, the sediment accumulation can easily be seen through the clear housing. The Sediment Trapper offers additional sediment reservoir capacity. Both are available with polyester or stainless steel screens.

Shown below is the ease in which these filters are disassembled for manual cleaning. (1" Sediment Trapper shown) Normally the removal of the sediment is accomplished simply by opening the drain valve.


  • Centrifuge Spin-Down type sediment separation.
  • Clear cover easily removed for total cleaning. (no tools required)
  • Sediment is visible through cover indicating when the filter needs cleaning.
  • Reusable polyester and stainless steel screens are available in various mesh sizes.
  • Flow capacity for entire systems. (1 - 100 GPM at 150 PSI at 73 deg F)
  • All molded non-corrosive materials.
  • Available in 4 sizes: ¾" MNPT, 1" Slip, 1 ½" Slip, 2" Slip. (bushings available for 1", 1 ½", 2" FNPT)
  • Chemical Resistant models available for chemical applications.
  • ¾", 1¼" and 1½" models available for hot water applications to 200 deg F.


  • No filter cartridges to replace.
  • No down time required flushing out sediment.
  • No wasteful backwashing required.
  • Small size takes little space.
  • Screen sizes can be easily changed if required.
  • Multiple uses: Well water, Irrigation, Sand sensitive valves, Drip irrigation, Faucet aerators, Poultry Growers Watering devices (.010"), Fogger nozzles, Pre-treatment for Ultra water systems and Reverse Osmosis.


  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI at 73 deg F.
  • Maximum Temperature: 100 deg F. at 40 PSI
  • High Temp unit available in ¾" FNPT rated to 200 deg F. at 40 PSI (120 deg F. at 150 PSI)
  • Flow Rates: 1 GPM to 100 GPM
  • Sizes available: ¾" FPT, 1" Slip, 1 ½" Slip, 2" Slip. (bushings available for 1", 1 ½", 2" FNPT)
  • Dimensions: (unit pictured) Length: 11 3/8" with ball valve attached. Width: 5"


In this section, you will be making the filter selection based on your conditions. You will select the style of filter, the size based on flow, (we help you determine that) and the screen size and material. Hot water and chemical resistant filters are also available.

Please note that this style filter produces excellent results removing shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, course sand, fine sand, grit from new wells, very fine sand and grit. It does NOT perform well with mud, clay, silt or other lightweight material. Please contact us before applying this filter to those type contaminants. Options such as oversizing or using a combination of filter styles may be required.

You may go straight to the order page if you want to see the list, or if you already know what you want. The Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper are on separate pages.


There are two basic styles available.

Spin-DownClick here for details and to purchase.

Both of these filters feature the spin-down technology.

The Spin-Down filter houses the screen inside a clear cover. During operation, the water and sediment swirl around the inside of the cover at high speed. The heavier contaminants spin out to the wall of the cover and drop down out of the water current. The water flows through the screen and out to the discharge of the filter body. The screen will stop any lightweight particulate. Accumulated matter in the cover or on the screen can be flushed away by opening the flush valve while the unit is in operation.

The Sediment Trapper operates the same, but also provides a reservoir below the screen for accumulation of sediment. This product is recommended for cases where an abundance of sediment is expected. I do NOT usually recommend this filter in the 1 ¼", 1 ½" or 2" unless ONLY heavy sediment is present. The shorter screen can plug more quickly with lightweight sediment.

These filters were designed for cold water applications. For Hot Water or Chemicals, please refer to the specifications and charts. These specialty filters are listed on the standard filter pages at the bottom.

Chemical resistant filters are available in Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper configurations. They are designed for applications other than plain water. Refer to the chemical resistance chart.

The high temperature filter is for temperature/pressure combinations that exceed 73 deg F @ 150 PSI or 100 deg F @ 40 PSI. These are available in ¾", 1¼" and 1½" female NPT.




You will need Adobe Acrobat® 5.0 to view some items of this website. Click here to download a free copy of this software.


To begin, you will need to know the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM) at the point where the filter will be installed. In a household point of entry, this can be calculated by opening as many faucets as possible and then observing the water meter for one minute. If you have a well, perform the following test: Insure no water is being used. Open spigot near pressure tank. When pump starts, close spigot and measure time (in seconds) to refill tank. This is cycle time. Using a container of known volume, draw water and measure volume in gallons until pump starts again. This is draw-down. Divide draw-down by cycle time and multiply by 60. Result is pump rate in gallons per minute. (GPM) If you have a situation other than the above, contact us. (Note: The pipe size will not give you the flow rate. This filter will not operate properly if the wrong flow rate is selected.)

Use the FLOW RATE graphs to select the proper size filter.

Now it's time to select a mesh size and screen material from the following charts



Selection Example: You have a 2" pipe. The application is an irrigation system. The largest zone uses 15 GPM. The contaminant is fine sand. Based on the FLOW, you select a 1" filter. The 1" filter operates between 1 and 20 GPM. The 2" filter would NOT work because the minimum flow required is 18 GPM.

Please use the SEDIMENT FILTER APPLICATIONS CHART (above) for selecting the screen mesh size. Simply selecting the 1000 mesh may result in frequent plugging of the screen. Contact us if you need advice in making the selection.

To install, you will need to reduce down to 1" to mount the filter. The filter body comes with PVC slip fittings. Reducer bushings are available to match other size pipe. Bushings are also available with female pipe thread. For other installations, please contact us.

From the chart, we would recommend a 140-mesh screen. Polyester is generally used, however if you anticipate having to scrub it often, or if the contamination is severe, stainless steel screens are available in selected sizes. For extreme conditions or surface waters, a perforated stainless steel screen may be required.

You now know the desired filter size, mesh size and screen material. You have decided on the style, either Spin-Down or Sediment Trapper. You have checked to see if the chemical resistant or high temperature models are required.

Now you can click on either Spin-Down or Sediment Trapper. Scroll down to find your filter. Clicking on the price will add it to your shopping cart.

Spin-DownClick here for details and to purchase.

Refer to our PARTS AND ACCESSORIES page for bushings, intake filters, sun shields, screens or other parts. An optional Automatic Flush Valve is available for high maintenance applications.

If you require assistance, please contact us.


Please choose either:


Filter Screens
Sediment Trapper

Filter Screens

Looking for other replacement parts (not screens)?

Other Accessories and Replacement Parts

Intake Filters, Bushings, Sunshields, Filter Bodies, Filter Covers, O-Rings, Flush Valves, Automatic Flush Valves.

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