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All replacement parts are found at the bottom of each products page.
All replacement parts are found at the bottom of each products page.
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     Water Solutions is proud to offer professional installation services in addition to the sales and service of our filtration products. If you are looking for service or support within the Northeast Florida area, contact us to arrange a consultation. If you are not located in the Northeast Florida region, we can assist you in locating a qualified installer, plumber or service person.

     We are happy to offer custom product selection, installation and support. If you have product or installation questions, we can help by constructing drawings and diagrams and discussing your particular needs.

     Many of our residential products are easy to install. For those who would like to "do it themselves," we offer the following tips and suggestions.

  • Please always work safe and use the proper safety equipment when called for.
  • Take care not to drill through pipes or wires by accident.
  • Take your time.
  • Mind your head, but if you insist, do not bump it too hard.
  • On countertop filters, do not extend the diverter valve handle to gain more leverage. Also be sure not to overtighten. Use care in the attachment of the hose to the canister fitting.
  • Situate the filter so that air is not trapped. Allow the water to flow UP through the element.
  • Use plastic sleeves and brass inserts on plastic tube fittings.
  • ALWAYS use a back-up wrench when tightening fittings.
  • Do not attempt to tighten the fitting in the filter housing.
  • The carbon dust from shipping and handling will be purged from the filter with the first flow of water. It is harmless but not appealing. Run the filter for a few glassfuls before placing it into service.
  • On ice maker/refrigerator installations, purge the carbon dust BEFORE connecting the tube to the appliance. Slowly open the supply line feeding the filter and let the water flow freely into a pail. You can increase flow and shock the cartridge by stopping and releasing the flow by placing your finger over the discharge stream.

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Feb 3rd 2009
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