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All replacement parts are found at the bottom of each products page.
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Backwashing Carbon Filter

Whole House Point-of-Entry Filter

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Products and Services » Catalogue » Whole House Point-of-Entry » 3600

The series 3600 group of filters provide specific treatment for the removal of chlorine from water. Use as an addition to existing or potential chlorinating systems for whole house chlorine, taste and odor removal. The series 3600 is installed on the raw water feed line to provide top-quality service.

Both the backwashing and non-backwashing carbon filters utilize high quality acid washed 12 x 30 coconut shell based activated carbon. The beds are packed to discourage channeling.

Volatile organic chemicals such as TTHM's, chlorine, organic chemicals, bad taste and odors are removed by adsorption into the bed of granular activated carbon.

The non-backwashing unit is a simple Inline filter. The backwashing design adds a media rinse cycle. A clock timer is set to backwash the media bed to remove particulate that would plug the pores of the carbon and shorten its useful life.


  • 4 sizes available to meet your size requirements.
  • Backwashing and Non-Backwashing models available.
  • High quality acid-washed 12 x 30 coconut shell based activated carbon.
  • Packed carbon bed to discourage channeling.
  • Garnet support bed.
  • Simple installation.
  • Great chlorine, taste and odor polisher.
  • Manufactured using only NSF & FDA approved materials (carbon registered under NSF Standards 60/61).


  • Surface Area (m2/g): 850
  • Iodine: 850
  • Mesh Size: 12 x 30
  • Hardness: 97
  • Density (g/cc): 0.52
  • Density (lb/ft3): 32


Series 3610 3620
Backwashing No No
Flow (GPM) 4 - 6 8 - 10
Pipe Size 3/4 1
Tank Size 7 x 35 9 x 48
Carbon Volume 2/3 cu ft 1 cu ft
Weight 39 lb. 50 lb.
Series 3630 3640
Backwashing Yes Yes  
Flow (GPM) 7 / 5 BW 12 / 10 BW
Pipe Size 3/4 3/4
Tank Size 10 x 47 13 x 54
Carbon Volume 1 cu ft 2 cu ft
Weight 70 lb. 110 lb.

     Custom sizes are available upon request.
     For more information and pricing, contact us.


  • Contact Us
    for custom specifications and pricing

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Feb 3rd 2009
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