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All replacement parts are found at the bottom of each products page.
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Water Softener

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Water Solutions offers professional products such as Clack, Fleck and Autotrol. These are available in Cabinet, Two-Tank and Alternating Twin styles. Controller options include Time Clock, Metered Mechanical and Metered Microprocessor. Ranging in size from residential to commercial, we can provide the equipment to solve your hard water problems.

Hard water produces scale. Scale not only leaves deposits on the dishes where you can see it, but on everything else the water touches. The scale accumulates in the plumbing, hot water tank, dishwasher, etc. making these appliances less efficient and shortening their lifespan.

    » Clothes washed in soft water come out softer, cleaner, whiter and brighter. Without the abrasive hardness minerals, the fabrics will last longer.
    » Dishes dry spot-free and glasses will not turn gray from the hardness film.
    » Your hair and skin will feel noticeably cleaner, softer and not as dry. There will be no soap scum or mineral deposits to clean off sinks, showers and tubs.


When water is hard, more soap is required to develop a lather. Soft water lathers with just a drop of soap.

The soft water produced by the water softener makes appliances more efficient because they will no longer fill up with scale. (That scale coats the heating electrodes, insulating them, and they must burn hotter and longer to work. The scale is abrasive and will wear on the mechanical components in the dishwasher, clothes washer, etc.)

You can use up to 70% less soap AND extend the useful life of water-filled appliances by as much as 30% AND increase the life of clothing, towels and linens up to 33% AND increase the efficiency of the hot water heater!

Salt's sole purpose is to regenerate the resin that removes the hardness from your water. This process does not make your water taste salty or significantly increase your sodium intake (for those who can not have ANY sodium, another form of salt is available).


All water starts out as soft water. But as it falls through the atmosphere and filters through rocks and soil, it picks up invisible minerals. Calcium and magnesium are the culprits that make your water hard.

The phrase "hard water" was coined to describe water that was hard to use. Clothes and washing machines wear out faster. Dishes and bathroom fixtures show the visible film that the hardness leaves behind. Mineral buildup can cause damage to water heaters and plumbing. The film residue can leave your hair looking dull and can dry out your skin. It can make shaving more difficult. More soap is required to overcome the effects of hard water.

A water softener consists of three major components: a mineral tank with ion exchange resin, a brine tank for producing regeneration solution and a control valve which governs the operation of the system.

Hard water enters the mineral tank of cationic resin where calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals, are attached to the resin and replaced by sodium (or potassium) ions.

When the resin's capacity becomes depleted, a regeneration cycle is initiated by the control valve.

During regeneration, backwashing cleans the resin bed. The brine solution is then drawn from the brine tank and run through the resin bed. This recharges the bed by replacing the sodium ions and flushing out the collected hardness minerals. The hardness minerals, along with the brine solution are expelled down the drain.

A final rapid rinse readies the bed to soften water again and the appropriate volume of water is returned to the brine tank to dissolve enough salt for the next regeneration.

All functions are performed automatically.


Term Grains per Gallon mg/l or PPM
Soft < 1.0 < 17.0
Slightly Hard 1.0 - 3.5 17.1 - 60
Moderately Hard 3.5 - 7.0 60 - 120
Hard 7.0 - 10.5 120 - 180
Very Hard > 10.5 > 180

Generally speaking, a water softener should be considered when the hardness is in the "moderately hard" range or higher (5 grains or more).


  • Microprocessor metered unit.
  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings.
  • Demand (usage) regeneration PLUS calendar (time clock) override regeneration.
  • Three modes of operation meter immediate, meter delayed, or time clock delayed.
  • Double backwash ability, offers optimum regeneration, efficiency and cleaning ability.
  • Days override feature 1 - 28 days available.
  • Downflow or upflow regeneration.
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in non-volatile memory.
  • Capacitor back-up with two hour power carry over.
  • 12-volt transformer provides safe and easy installation.
  • Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates.
  • Rust and corrosion free valve. Noryl construction.
  • Treated water regenerant refill.
  • Modular design with no screws to lose.
  • Selectable regeneration cycle sequence (up to 9 cycles).
  • Fully adjustable regeneration cycle times.
  • Monitors salt usage and signals when salt level is low.
  • Safety brine valve doubles your protection against brine tank overflows.
  • Controls easily set to initiate regeneration.
  • Zero defects manufacturing process.
  • All components meet or exceed UL, FDA and NSF compliance.
  • Removes or reduces ferrous iron up to 2.0 ppm.
  • Lower installation cost because of bypass package.
  • Twin tank design to prevent frequent loading of brine tank.
  • Can be used with standard softener salt or potassium chloride.
  • Cleaner, softer, smoother skin
  • Shiny, silkier hair
  • Softer, fresher laundry
  • Sparkling, dishes and glassware
  • Increased hot water system and appliance efficiency by the elimination of hard scale
  • Elimination of soap curd in bath tub
  • Savings on soap and detergent costs.

Water testing and other sizing specifications are required.


  • Weather Cover, Service Wrench, Carbon filters, Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper filters, Drinking Water filters, Reverse Osmosis filters
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